Genuine wood

Damages in wood such as cracks, scratches and color differences can be repaired through gluing, filling, sanding, staining and painting.

Powdered surfaces

Processing of powdered surfaces, restoration of high gloss surfaces and repairs of metallic effects on wooden surfaces.

Synthetic surfaces

We treat plastic surfaces with special processes and materials, with a focus on windows, doors and cladding systems and restore the condition of the surface. We remove stains, color defects, scratches and larger damages.

Windows and frames

Material-related damages to plastic windows are often caused and production, transport and installation errors. Renolit films are processed by specially trained employees directly on site.

Burglary damages

We professionally carry out the repair of damage after a burglary. We use various techniques for the removal of such damages. In this way we ensure a visually perfect restoration.

Laminate flooring and panels

We effectively remove signs of use on laminate flooring and panels such as scratches and color differences.